Leather masters for over thirty years

Here, for over 30 years, handi­craft artisans have shared their know­how and have been making the most pre­cious and valuable creations. Design and finishing reveal both expert craftsman­ship and meticulous care for the smallest details (such as sewing), as a guarantee of the top quality production.
The origins of the firm owe a lot to the context in which it operates, as in the Marche region the best suppliers of lea­ther good’s materials and accessories can be found.
A strictly artisan yet esteemed work has allowed us to start cooperating and producing with the most prestigious European and American Brands. In this way, we have enriched our work, compe­tence and knowledge of the market’s ten­dencies.
Pietro Gottardi and his wife Rosanna, owners and founders of the cor­poration, using great care and their extensive experience, select the best qua­lity leather.
At the end of the manufacturing, Rosanna personally checks each final pro­duct and includes in the packaging, a numbered certificate of guarantee “Made in Italy”.
We only use leather treated using traditional artisan methods and processes.
The high standard property of Gottardi’s creations is due to a diligent assembly, where the artisan’s expertise and the great patience to complete each item are evident.
The elegance and the class of the products are guaranteed by a fusion of handcraft work and the use of advanced technology. So innovation and tradition make each article unique-looking, functional and resistant.
Our devotion to the client can sati­sfy the sophisticated demands of business man and women who choose a product which is both classic and modern.